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International Conference on Advancement in Material science and Processing technology (ICAMP)

24th February 2023 | Virtual Conference

Registration Deadline
23rd February 2023

Submission Deadline
23rd February 2023


Virtual Conference International Conference on Advancement in Material science and Processing technology (ICAMP) will be held on 24th February 2023. ICAMP aim is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts to discuss the improvements in the properties of materials and development of recent technologies to manufacture components. It covers new developments in processing and fabrication technologies of materials of various types including modeling, simulations, and experimental work along with materials with engineered properties.
The conference’s goal is to provide critical support to global research communities by bringing together a gathering of academics, scholars, researchers, college students, and corporate leaders to meet and discuss with leading experts in the field. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including the development of specialized processing and synthesis technology, including ceramics, high value-added metals, electronic materials, composites, polymers, and biomaterials.


  • Molecular and/or atomic scale
  • Casting (liquid metals and semisolids polymers)
  • Powder Processing (metals and ceramics in powder form)
  • Bulk Deformation Processing (metals in bulk or sheet form)
  • Ceramics, high value-added metals, electronic materials, composites, polymers, and biomaterials
  • The environment and climate change
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Materials efficiency
  • Chemistry and fundamental properties of matter
  • Material synthesis, fabrication, manufacture, and processing
  • Magnetic, electrical, thermal, and optical properties of materials
  • Strength, durability, and mechanical behaviour of materials
  • Consideration of materials in structural design, modelling, and engineering
  • Green and renewable materials, and consideration of materials’ life cycles
  • Materials in specialist applications (such as medicine, energy, aerospace, and nanotechnology)
  • Quality and reliability issues of products
  • Communications and information technology
  • Aerospace and transport
  • Laser processing and Plasma processing
  • Micro- and Nano- processing


Last date of Paper Submission

23rd February 2023

Last date of Registration

23rd February 2023

Date of Conference

24th February 2023


Categories Indian
Students INR 500/-
PhD/Research Scholar INR 750/-
Academicians INR 1,000/-
Industrial Professionals INR 2,000/-
Visitors/Listeners INR 500/-


11:00AM – 11:10AMIntroduction
11:10AM – 11:25AM

Speaker 1: Dr. Dharam Buddhi
Vice Chancellor, Uttaranchal University
Topic: Material Science & Processing Technology
(Overview, Introduction)

11:25AM – 11:35AM

Speaker 2: Dr. Sanjiv Layek,
Executive Secretary, WASME
Topic: Introduction about WASME

11:35AM – 11:50AM

Speaker 3: Dr. K.P. Yadav
Vice Chancellor, MATS University
Topic: Advancement in Material Science and Processing Technology (Outcomes, Future, Scope)

11:50AM – 11:59AM

Speaker 4: Mamatha Giriyappa
Managing Director
Scienxt Center of Excellence (P) Ltd
Topic: Thank You Note, Closing Ceremony

All Participants will get E-Certificates


Selected papers will be published in various indexed journals. All other details (Selection criteria, fees for publication, time for publication, name of the journal with indexing details) will be sent to the authors.